Barefoot Sensory Walk (2802)

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    Start dateMay 28 2023
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    Time10:00 am
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    LocationRG9 4JD
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    Price£10 per Adult, free for under 18s.

We will walk a loop around the woods, experiencing the environment through our feet, which is very grounding and soothing for our nervous system.

We will start on the smooth tarmacked road until we get to the forest floor. You will be invited to feel the difference between the various terrains in the woods. Some will be challenging. You’re welcome to bare your feet to experience the terrains and put your (ideally minimalist) shoes back on to give your soles a rest if you are not used to going barefoot for long periods. It should be an enjoyable experience. Best to take it very slowly at first.
You are welcome to do this walk keeping your minimalist shoes on. Minimalist shoes are shoes which a thin sole which lets your feel more of the ground’s variability than thick soled, cushioned footwear.


Additional information

Isabelle Brough. Mindful Walking in Henley.
There is a very small car park. Walk to the meeting point if you can.
1.2 Miles
Short walks (up to 3 miles)
1 hour
Easy (pretty flat, good paths)
Yes (The walk will be slow and enjoyable. Children can keep their minimalist shoes on, which let them experience more of the ground than standard shoes, while protecting their tender skin. It will be up to the parents to decide what is best.)