Work at Chiltern Forest Golf Club completed!

Work at Chiltern Forest Golf Club completed!

Hedge planting, scrub clearance and much more has taken place at CFGC in recent months- read about our round-up here and the amazing hard work of our volunteers…

For the final of the four session agreed works at Chiltern Forest Golf Club it was all hands on-deck for more hedge planting and for some additional felling, too. Monday the 13th saw approximately another 400 metres of hedge planted as well as felling around 50 small to medium size ‘Christmas’ Trees (read: non-native conifers!) that were taken out to allow more light in and create more grassland space, hopefully we will see an increase in the lovely grassland wildflowers that Chiltern Forest are lucky to already have on site.  For those of you who have been following along, you may have noticed a theme in these write ups – the sheer enthusiasm and commitment of the Chiltern Forest volunteers! This session was no exception – nineteen dedicated volunteers came out to help plant more hedge whips as well as to help Ranger Leila by processing and chipping the felled trees.

Working at Chiltern Forest Golf Club has been an utter dream – so many volunteers, so willing to get truly stuck in and what a difference they have made – THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! A prime example of how sites, landowners as well as dedicated volunteers plus some conservation know-how and training can really make a difference to green and natural spaces, even ones you may not traditionally associate with conservation! Huge salute to Chiltern Forest Golf Club for getting involved and giving us the opportunity to do good work for wildlife on their site with their keen and hardworking volunteers.

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