The Story of my Great-Grandfather Daniel George Thorn (1841-1934)

The Story of my Great-Grandfather Daniel George Thorn (1841-1934)

by Graham William Thorne

Another fascinating and personal history account of the Central Chilterns, shared by Graham William Thorne, one of our amazing Woodlander’s Lives and Landscapes volunteers.

One day, I don’t know why I was struck by a moment of curiosity, I asked my father about my great-grandfather. I had probably just realised that I had one, once. Who had been my grandfather’s father? In fact, where did my grandfather come from? Where therefore did I come from? Does it matter? Probably not, but it can give a person a sense of history and belonging. In the slowly smouldering flame igniting curiosity, a time came when he and his life and family became real…

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