“ChessWatch” interactive storymap published

A new, interactive web resource telling the story of the River Chess has been launched this week.

Developed by Queen Mary University of London in partnership with the River Chess Association and the Chilterns Chalk Streams Project, the new resource provides an overview of the geography and ecology of the river, as well as how people use the river as a resource.

It includes a wealth of information about the threats to the Chess, such as pollution, abstraction and climate change and integrates real time data to show the latest situations with river flows, groundwater levels and rainfall.

Data from the ongoing ChessWatch water quality monitoring project is also included along with information on how members of the public can help the Chess as a citizen scientist.

To help people get the most out of this new resource, QMUL are hosting a series of ‘Ask the Scientist’ events which are being held throughout February. Further details can be found on the new website.

View the storymap

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