Fun in the Sun- easy sun print kit!

Thursday 25 June 2020

For my Art GCSE coursework, I have been set the task of creating my own little book. We weren’t told what to base it on, and we have to choose a subject which interests or inspires us. Over the last 3 months, I have spent so much time in our meadow walking the dog, that I decided to choose the theme of flowers and grasses in June. Obviously, I can paint, sketch and photograph my subject, but last week, my mum came up with a genius idea! She bought me a ‘Sunprint Kit’. I’d never heard of it before, but it is special paper which, with the help of bright sunlight, makes the most amazing  and this week we decided to try it out for the first time.

We started by placing a sheet of blue sunprint paper on a piece of cardboard. We then, very carefully, arranged our flowers, leaves and pieces of grass-which we had found on a walk-on top of the paper. I say we arranged but I arranged, then had them all rearranged by mum. Afterwards, I placed the sheet of acrylic over the top of the paper, pressing down on the plants below. We put the assembled pile on the ground and left it out in the bright sunlight. The instructions said the paper had to turn from blue to an almost white colour, so we stood outside and waited for it to change colours. It was surprising how quickly it worked!

After the paper had turned the desired, almost white colour, we removed the cardboard, acrylic and plants from the paper. Next, we rinsed the sunprint paper under the tap for a couple of minutes, before leaving it to dry flat. The paper turned from white to blue as it dried, and you could clearly see the outlines of all the plants on the paper. After making our print, my mum told me that this was how photographs were taken centuries ago, it was called Cyanotype. It was such an interesting thing to do, and I will definitely carry on experimenting with it in the future for my artwork!

-- Emily Neighbour


For easy instructions to get you started with your own sun art, check out this post.

You can buy sun-art paper here. 


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