Taking action for the Chilterns – a new partnership approach

Tuesday 19 November 2019

CCB's Call to Action

A cornerstone of the AONB Management Plan focusses on consolidating partnerships between Chilterns' organisations. With a call to action to work more effectively together to meet the challenges and opportunities facing the Chilterns, CCB held the first Partnership Event at the Boxmoor Trust, Hemel Hempstead, on 10th October 2019.

 group partners


Over 40 organisations attended including: Local Authorities, Environment and Community Groups, Charities, Health and wellbeing and Tourism sectors.

Key aims of the day were:

  • to review current partnership working in the Chilterns, and identify areas and opportunities for improvement
  • to review, refine and build support for key actions as set out in the Management Plan
  • to consider models for future collaboration and agree on next steps to move forward

 Introductory Talks

The day kicked off with a series of short talks to help set the scene and seed the discussion at the subsequent workshop sessions.

 short talk

Eight speakers outlined their particular focus within the Management Plan and shared their perspectives on working in partnership; these included Dr Elaine King, Chief Executive Officer at the Chilterns Conservation Board, Tom Beeston, Chief Officer at the Chilterns Society, John Shaw, MD at Chilterns Rangers, Graham Simpson, Team Manager at Team Beds and Luton, Lucy Murfett, Planning Officer at the Chilterns Conservation Board, Dr Wendy Morrison, Project Manager for Beacons of the Past and Ian Waller, CCB Board member and a farmer involved with the CCB’s Farmer Cluster work.  

A number of takeaway messages were identified including recommendations around facilitating close collaboration going forward. These comprised:

"CCB has gained a clearer appreciation of how you would like us to lead and collaborate"

"Partners need to work towards shared management plan objectives and build them into their organisational strategy plans"

"Collaboration needs to be from the start and communication, clarity and openness are key"

"We need to ask who is not in the room, how can we bring them in?"

"We need to encourage a sense of ownership and engagement"

 Group Discussions

Following the talks, delegates were assigned to small groups to discuss specific themes.

small group2

These group discussions were brought together and summary feedback was obtained from each. Conclusions such as 'sharing networks, 'communicating best practice', 'pooling resources', 'developing relationships', were common across the groups with specific areas recommending particular strategies such as 'promoting farmer cluster type approaches' and 'weaving Historic Environment into ‘Chilterns Code’ for children'.

Next Steps

The overall response in the room was unanimous; there is huge ambition and enthusiasm among stakeholders to work together and play to each other’s strengths, which represents a real opportunity for the Chilterns to have a significant impact and influence at a national level.

The next steps will be to create a framework for delivery of the Management Plan, based upon the specific themes and areas highlighted at the event. These include:

  • Sharing best practice
  • Data collection and monitoring, including citizen science and training, and working with universities and academia
  • Engaging the public, including volunteers and businesses, and giving them a voice
  • Health and wellbeing e.g connect with the NHS and be clear on what we can offer
  • Inclusion and diversity 
  • Building resilience to climate change

You can read a full report of the discussion from the partnership event here: CCB Partner Event

The call to action to work in partnership for the Chilterns' future is well under way.




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