Routeways and Waysides

Routeways and Waysides will be a project which focuses on identifying, promoting and enhancing historic routeways, ecological corridors and key recreational routes linking the urban areas to the wider countryside in the Chalkscapes project area.

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The work we expect to undertake during the Development Stage to develop this project includes:

  • An analysis of historic routeways and ecological corridors in the Chalkscapes area in order to identify priorities and opportunities for mapping and investigation, practical enhancement and conservation and community engagement
  • Identifying key routes and wayside verges, their historical significance, opportunity areas for habitat management and creation alongside the routes, and identifying optimum locations for habitat improvements to increase the value of the corridors
  • Identifying key adjoining habitats and destination sites which could benefit from enhanced levels of conservation management and enhancement
  • Identifying priorities for improved waymarking and interpretation, focusing on priority routes to be agreed in consultation with key stakeholders
  • Working with local partners to test and adapt the use of a community routeway survey toolkit to create proposals for a community mapping and investigation project
  • Working with local people, social and youth groups, communities and partners to establish a programme of regular walks and activities along the existing trackways to promote their history, heritage and conservation to increase usage and understanding of these trackways and waysides
  • Exploring how we can use the Routeways and Waysides project to support more, and a wider range, of people to enjoy the health benefits of walking, exploring and learning about the historic routeways and ecological corridors of the North Chilterns.

Why not have a look at our map of historic routeways in the Chalkscapes project?

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Chilterns ANOB
Chilterns ANOB

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