About the project

About the project

Chalk, Cherries & Chairs is an ambitious five-year scheme which aims to connect local people to the wildlife and cultural heritage of the Central Chilterns.

The scheme operates under three themes – wildlife, heritage and people – but the projects which fall under these three themes are all designed with the Chilterns landscape in mind.

No fewer than eighteen interweaving projects share common threads, including volunteering, learning and digital media. The scheme will also provide small grants to encourage community initiatives.

What is it all about?

Why is this important?

The Chalk, Cherries & Chairs scheme was conceived to address the real and immediate challenges facing the Central Chilterns. These include: HS2, ancient woodland being sold off, wildlife habitats fragmenting through development, traditional orchards and hedgerows disappearing, and an increasing disconnect between people and their local landscape.


What do we want to achieve?

The Chalk, Cherries & Chairs scheme will leave an important legacy. We intend to establish improved conservation and land management, closer partnership working, improved skill-sets, motivated volunteers, and engaged and aware communities who care for the future of their heritage.

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Meet the team

Chilterns ANOB

Harriet Bennett

Role: Land Management Officer
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Nick Marriner

Role: Landowner Engagement Officer
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Lizzie Krupa

Role: Communications and Community Engagement Officer
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Steph Rodgers

Role: Community Ranger at Chiltern Rangers
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Helena Chance

Role: Project Lead for Heritage
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Katie Horgan

Role: Rough Around the Edges Project Officer
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Fran Crowther

Role: Project Support Officer
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Anna Foster

Role: Strategy and Comms Consultant

Our Partners

We are working with over 70 organisations across the counties of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire to address the challenges facing the Chilterns AONB. Our key delivery partners are listed below.



Our Funders

The scheme has been awarded a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant of £2.4 million. We would like to thank them for their support, along with HS2 Community Environment Fund, Wycombe District Council and Buckinghamshire Council.




Reviving traditional Chilterns' crafts

Chilterns ANOB
Chilterns ANOB

Get involved

Passionate about wildlife? We need your help! Interested in starting a community garden or heritage project? We could help you! Learn more about our volunteering and training opportunities.
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