Lace making revival in the Chilterns

Lace making in the Chilterns – set to experience a revival due to the hard work of the dedicated volunteers from Woodlanders’ Lives and Landscapes project

Lace making is enjoying a revival in the Chilterns, due to the work of dedicated volunteers

Lace making is set to make a revival in Buckinghamshire as several experienced volunteers of Woodlanders’ Lives and Landscapes have dedicated much of the last two years to developing workshops and delivering these to the younger generations of the Chilterns. Several successful events have already taken place, engaging new audiences in this fascinating and very enjoyable craft of the Chilterns.

Alex Adkins and Rosemary Mortham are two volunteers who have long been avid lacemaking enthusiasts, and are spearheading efforts to not only revive this beautiful craft, but engage a new generation of crafters.

‘Many young people are aware of knitting, crochet or marachrame, but have no idea that lacemaking is also a crafting option- and isn’t too difficult to learn and start making something right away’ Rosemary says.

At many events where school children have been introduced to the art of lacemaking, they have been able to take away lace ‘snakes’ or circles – beautifully multicoloured, ready to decorate a school bag, pillow or another item. The enthusiasm at such events is palpable – focused heads bend over lace pillows, slowly weaving threads into a pattern, concentrating hard – with shouts of ‘I got it!’ or ‘Look at this’ ringing out across the classroom or hall as another child gets the hang of it!

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