Chalk, Cherries and Chairs

Get on your boots and get exploring! Our project is all about new, exciting and enriching ways to get you involved in the precious Chilterns AONB. 

Chalk, Cherries and Chairs is a five-year project inspiring people to learn something new, get involved and take action as Chilterns Champions. We also run exciting festivals to celebrate each season in the Chilterns, so far showcasing local art, music, heritage and wildlife – with family friendly events upcoming this year and next!

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About our project

Chalk, Cherries & Chairs is an ambitious five-year scheme which aims to connect local people to the wildlife and cultural heritage of the Central Chilterns. The scheme operates under three themes – wildlife, heritage and people – but the projects which fall under these three themes are all designed with the Chilterns landscape in mind. No less than eighteen interweaving projects share common threads, including volunteering, learning and digital media. The scheme will also provide small grants to encourage community initiatives.


Why is this important?

The Chalk, Cherries & Chairs scheme was conceived to address the real and immediate challenges facing the Central Chilterns. These include: HS2, ancient woodland being sold off, wildlife habitats fragmenting through development, traditional orchards and hedgerows disappearing, and an increasing disconnect between people and their local landscape.


What do we want to achieve?

The Chalk, Cherries & Chairs scheme will leave an important legacy. We intend to establish improved conservation and land management, closer partnership working, improved skill-sets, motivated volunteers, and engaged and aware communities who care for the future of their heritage. Read more about our plans here.

See our progress from 2019-2021 here.

Chilterns ANOB

Chilterns ANOB
Chilterns ANOB

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