Chalk, Cherries and Chairs

Welcome to Chalk, Cherries, and Chairs!

We're working across the Central Chilterns to conserve the wildlife, document the heritage and engage with the communities of this beautiful region we all call home.

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Want to know a bit more about us first?

Want to gain new skills and meet new people? The CCC team needs you!

Welcome to our exciting 18 projects, covering heritage, landscape, and community programs aimed at transforming people's connection to the Chilterns. We want residents, visitors, businesses, and everyone else to get involved in these projects and ensure that our work reflects the interests, needs, and goals of local communities. You can register your interest here.

Contribute to our sonic map!

But what is a sonic map, we hear you ask? Echoed Locations is a project where we (along with your help) are creating a sound map of the Chilterns- from birdsong (or your songs) to oral histories and urban sounds which make the Chilterns unique. Anyone can contribute and all you need is a phone and a desire to try something new. So don't be shy- get outdoors, listen to the world around you, and maybe even get your recordings played on the radio!

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Are you 'rough around the edges?'

Rough Around the Edges is a project led by Katie Horgan at BBOWT, which works with community groups to make their community gardens and green spaces a little less 'rough around the edges'. If you have a space you want to conserve or need guidance on how to undertake a larger project, you can learn more and get in touch with Katie here. 

Want to learn more?

Read our detailed project plans and meet the team here. From this page you can also access detailed project pages about Woodlander's Lives and Landscapes (one of our oral history projects), the ancient routeways of the Chilterns being explored in Routes to the Past, and our new Chilterns Summer Festival!

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