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Listen to skylarks singing high above the orchid-rich grassland where women and children used to plait straw into braids for making hats.

This old oak tree is very special to its owner, who in recent years has gained a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) for the tree.
A local special mystery
Inspiration behind a logo
An historically important parkland in Tring.
Named after the little owls that live in this big oak
Just 100m from the River Thames, this ancient Field Maple lies on the ancient Icknield Way.
Research suggests that with a girth of 340cm this tree is likely to be 300 years old.
According to the plaque positioned at its base, this tree was planted to commemorate Queen Victoria's Jubilee in 1887.
This Cedar tree is believed to have been planted at the same time as the Cedar outside St Alban's Abbey.
Albert Bates and his wife Ada cared for the Mushroom tree for more than 60 years
A remarkably shaped tree and popular village feature.
This Giant Redwood measures more than 6 metres around the trunk.
A large Sweet Chestnut that may have been planted as part of the Hampden Estate landscaping scheme.
Two impressive oak trees in the grounds of an old Chilterns farmhouse.
An oak marking a parish boundary about 250 years old.
With a girth of more than 4 metres this Oak stands out in the small woodland in which it is found.
Planted to commemorate the Coronation of George VI in 1937.
Ceremonially planted by Queen Elizabeth in 1974
A number of trees on Downley Common are special and many have been favourites of local children.
This little yew celebrates the second Christian Millennium.
A tree linked to the musical The Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan
An example of one of the rarest wild trees in Britain
An ancient hollow oak that has been a special tree for some time
Special trees planted by HRH Princess Margaret, and a memorial to a special pet
A Beech Tree bearing a crucifix designed by Eric Gill
A poetic plant?
An unusual shaped tree suited to wet weather!
An oak tree with an unusual form
A magnificent churchyard Yew
A selection of special trees in Stoke Row village
This is an impressive cherry tree
A variety of special trees
A once picturesque tree, now valued for its wildlife habitat
A commemorative tree to celebrate the Silver Jubilee
A tree with an unexpected story to tell
A great oak
Many large and interesting trees are found here.
A distinctive landmark with a story to tell?
A giant coppiced sweet chestnut
A giant churchyard yew
A Phoenix tree?
The largest tree on Naphill Common
The oldest tree carving in the Chilterns?

A variety of special trees are found in this large ancient wood near High Wycombe.

Planted by an Infamous Vicar
A tree that has witnessed many changes
Three trees planted to celebrate the new Parish in 1832
A Record-breaking Rowan
Two beautiful trees
A regal plane with holy roots
An elderly elm
Who's been sleeping in MY bed??
A landmark for the future
Four Commemorative trees on Little Hampden Lower Common
A line of limes makes an entrance
Is this field maple on track to a record?
A meandering tale
Changing Art
A great exotic
A fine example of a rare tree
These ash trees have grown unchecked in the grounds of the Dunstable Baptist Church.
A tree showing more than usual
A fruity old pear
A village full of special trees
A recorded yew
A stunted special tree
A pleasant spot on a sunny day to enjoy a cream tea
A prime spot for special trees
A Biblical planting scheme?
A number of special trees in a picturesque spot
A poignant tree tale remembering soldiers lost in WWI
Memories of a special royal tree
An interesting formation of oaks
An ancient site with giant archaeology and a missing yew
A fallen yew which still thrives
A Japanese relic?
Barbara's or Elizabeth's Oak?
Popular landscape trees
A commemorative tree planted by the WI
The biggest horse chestnut in the Chilterns?
How do you measure a tree?
A divided avenue
Some of the Special Trees in St Albans
A community sculpture in Caversham
A lot of old landmarks
A former village landmark
Historical trees in Park Place
Some of the Special Trees around Tring
A spiritual tree
A royal tree
A tree with tales to tell
The mystery of Marlow's tall pines...
A Norman castle with trees on its unusual moat
A site of execution.
An ancient tree with Royal connections.
Special trees with a military connection
Special trees at Cliveden
Special and Rare Trees at Fawley Court
An impressive cedar from the 17th century
A village with a strong tradition for planting commemorative trees
A fabulous False Acacia tree
Greatest Ash … which isn't an ash!
The remains of once extensive orchards
This magnificent tree is 1,000 years old
A fine residence in this residential street
An ancient hippy!
Commemorating the 1987 storm
A living memorial of lime trees
A collection of very special trees
Fine trees and a ghostly tale!
Collection of Champion Trees
An unusual gravestone
Champion trees with a history lesson to tell.
Siberian Crab Apple and Pine Cedar
A conquering conker!
A unique commemorative tree?
Veteran Chestnut
A garden oasis in Watford
A rarity that was waiting to be discovered
Weeping beech on Temple Island
Tree with unusual bark
This stately oak is on the corner of the village green at Cockpole Green
Cadmore End's most special tree
Skirmett's special tree
Ancient sycamore
A magnificent avenue
Have children skipped here?
Farnham Common's Memorial Red Oak
Marlow Place is one of only two Grade 1 listed structures in the town.
The maple tree enclosure
A hidden slice of our past
Veteran sweet chestnuts by Golden Parsonage
By a footpath on the Gaddesden Estate
Hidden tree treasures
A historic landscape restored
An extra-terrestrial treat
Special Trees on the Ashridge Estate
History of Flackwell Heath's cherry orchards
A varied collection of fine special trees
A hanging tree that's had its day
A marker to a pilgrim and a memorial at Aldbury
Founded in 1931, the Tree Cathedral remembers those killed in the First World War.

Tylers Green has two interconnected areas, the Front and Back Commons, now designated as 'village green'.  There is a wooded area with lots of paths and an open grassy area with a pond.

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