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Taplow's Champions

Champion Tulip Tree - photo by Graham BradshawAn Unintended History Lesson

Two grand tulip trees adorn the grounds of what was once an Elizabethan Manor in Taplow - the current building dates back to Georgian times and is now the Taplow House Hotel.

Growing at the bottom of the lawn, the larger of the tulip trees is, at 35m high, the tallest tulip tree in the UK and Ireland.

On both of these trees a plaque proudly suggests Queen Elizabeth I herself may have planted them. Alas, there is one minor flaw in this proclamation. On the very same signs the date of planting is estimated to be 1770 to 1775.

Tulip Tree plaque - photo by Graham BradshawHistory was not a strong point of the signs' creator. Queen Elizabeth I reigned from 1558 until her death in 1603, 150 years earlier than when these trees are reported to have been planted and nearly 50 years before the first tulip tree was introduced to the UK in 1650! Unless there is some untold ghost story surrounding them this seems rather wishful thinking.

Champion Deodar - photo by Graham Bradshaw

In addition to the tulip trees, several other unusually large trees grow in the grounds. There are two large cedar trees and a white mulberry. The wellingtonia and incense cedar across the lawn are both the second largest of their species in Buckinghamshire.

Getting There

Taplow House Hotel is signposted off the A4


Taplow House Hotel

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