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Fabulous False Acacia

False Acacia - photo by Brian Thomson

While project volunteers Fred and Joyce were researching the commemorative trees around Croxley Green they noticed this fabulous False Acacia (also known as the Locust Tree Robinia pseudoacacia). No one knows quite how old this tree is but it is a fine veteran for its species and might be over 200 years old.

The best time to see False Acacia trees is in June when they are covered in fragrant flowers. It is unclear how the tree came about its name, however the Latin name 'Robinia' honours a French gardener, Jean Robin, who introduced the tree from North America around 1600.

False Acacia - photo by Brian Thomson

Getting There

The tree is on private land but can be seen from The Green. Please park considerately around The Green.


Croxley Green

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