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Sandwich Wood

Sandwich Wood is very much part of the lives of artist Susan Anderson and her family and it holds very special memories. The wood can be seen from the family's house and they have walked there for many years. Susan's son and his friends played in the flint pits in the wood when they were young children and she has taken many photographs of the wood over the years.

Since moving to Little Kingshill nearly 30 years ago the family has witnessed many changes to the wood mainly due to the gales and storms over the years when much of the large, interior beech trees were destroyed, leaving only a few large trees on the front edge. At the time Susan said she was very concerned that the owner would fell the remaining trees, but they survived and the woodland has slowly regenerated itself, which she did not think possible. This has altered the character of Sandwich Wood which is very open now that the large trees have been replaced by young saplings.

Susan entered these lino prints in the 2008 Special Wood Art Competition:

'Sandwich Wood II' by Susan Anderson 'Sandwich Wood I' by Susan Anderson

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