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Greenfield Copse

'Bluebell carpet' by Susan MiltonGreenfield Copse was once part of Watlington Park but it, and other woodland nearby, is now owned by the National Trust. The Copse stands at the top of Watlington Hill, behind the long brick Estate wall which borders the lane to Christmas Common from the south.

Like many beechwoods in the Chilterns, the beech trees in Greenfield Copse have been managed for timber production. As a result the copse comprises mainly tall, straight trees but if you look up into the canopy you will see that some of the trees are a strange contorted shape, having been damaged by heavy snow in the past.

Greenfield Copse is a carpet of bluebells each spring, a sight captured in these photographs entered by local artists in the 2008 Special Woods Art Competition. Both photographers said that Greenfield Copse was one of their favourite Chiltern woods.

'Chiltern bluebells' by David Burton

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