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Park Place

George's CedarGeorge's Cedar - photograph from archives

There are many large cedars in the grounds of Park Place and one of them has an unusual and distinguished history; it was planted by King George III.

the tree today, photographed by Peter BowersFrom 1738 until his death in 1751, George III's father Prince Frederick of Wales owned Park Place where the tree stands. George was born in the same year the house was purchased. Due to a quarrel between the King (George II) and the Prince of Wales (George III's father), the family spent most of their time in the country. This tree is thought to have been planted by George III sometime before his 14th birthday.

photograph from archives, taken in 1949

George's cedar, on the back lawn of the manor and the others found in the grounds, have been a definitive part of the landscape around the house for centuries; George's cedar is visible to the right of the house in this aerial photo from 1949. The tree still stands in the grounds of Park Place and is perhaps a more dignified legacy to an old king than the madness that marred the end of his reign and for which he is usually remembered.

Premier Poplar

Premier Poplar - photograph from archivesAnother notable tree within the grounds of Park Place is this Lombardy poplar. In this old photo it is already fairly well grown and it is believed to have been planted in 1787, which would make it the first Lombardy poplar to have been grown in this country. At the time of its planting, the house was owned by Henry Seymour Conway, a Field Marshal in the army.

Lombardy Poplars originated in the Lombardy region of Italy in the 17th century. They are a cultivar of the Black Poplar, selected to grow with a tall and narrow form, making them popular as wind breakers throughout northern Europe.

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These trees stand in private land


Park Place, Remenham

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