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Cracking conker!

Cracking Conker - by Hilary Beck-Burridge, project volunteerSince joining the team of special tree volunteers Hilary Beck-Burridge has rarely been without her standard issue tape measure in her handbag. This is just as well as you never know when you might spot a special tree.

Hilary said:

"I had noticed this tree before but because it was behind a fence didn't realise it was so big. However, I happened to pass when the fence was being replaced and could appreciate the tree fully. I was able to measure it straight away and recorded a whopping girth of 8.05 metres."

Volunteer Nel Walker with the hulk of a tree

The girth makes this hulk of a horse chestnut the largest of its species in the country!

However, it is possible that it is in fact two trees which have fused together. Other big horse chestnuts, further along the fence, suggest that there was a line of conker trees at one time. Only a costly DNA analysis could confirm whether this is one or two trees.

There is another horse chestnut recorded in Tylers Green.

Do you know of another special conker tree in the Chilterns?

Getting There

This tree is in a private garden.



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