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Knox's Wood

Photograph by John Morris, Chiltern Woodlands ProjectDilwyn Knox planted this beech woodland in the 1930s. He was a Professor of Classics, a Fellow of King's College, Cambridge and, during WWI,I a cryptographer working on the Enigma code at Bletchley Park. He died in 1943, aged 58.

Knox moved to North Dean in the early 1920s where he wrote witty, if slightly acerbic, poems about his neighbours, such as the following about Eric Gill:

A rancorous hate and envy fills
My heart at the sight of daffodils.
May I not wander dressed as they
A green and yellow popinjay?
There's nothing vexes so my heart
As Nature when she conquers art.

The woodland is now owned and looked after by the Knox Will Trust and contains a memorial to this very interesting man.

Photograph by John Morris, Chiltern Woodlands Project



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