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Climate Copse

Climate Copse tree planting - photo from the CCB archives, 2006This is a very new wood; in fact planting only began here in 2006!

In 2006, a hundred trees were planted here by the Chilterns Conservation Board, at the invitation of the site owners, the Penn and Tyler's Green Residents Association, who manage the area, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the designation of the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

A further 500 were added in March 2007 and planting is set to become an annual event, with the goal of eventually merging the copse with the adjacent Common Wood. The 2007 plantings were assisted by children from nine different local schools, as part of the Woodland Trust's Tree for All campaign. The Woodland Trust also ran workshops with the children, teaching them how to age trees, and Climate Copse volunteers - photo from the CCB archives, 2007about how trees differ from each other, which were a hit with parents and teachers alike.

As well as being commemorative and educational, the trees at Common Wood are also an aspect of the Conservation Board's attempts to reduce global warming. Claire Forrest, the board's information officer, says:

"The Conservation Board recognises that climate change is likely to have a significant effect on the Chilterns in the long term. Whilst we can't affect anything on a global scale, we do have a responsibility to minimise our carbon dioxide emissions locally. We are achieving this in a number of ways such as reducing the energy consumption in our office, car sharing wherever possible and encouraging people to use public transport to attend our events."

The conservation board has also recently invested in solar panels to provide clean electricity for its offices.

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