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Bolter End Giants

The Sweet ChestnutThese two great trees, growing in a private garden in Bolter End, are excellent examples of their kind.

One is a giant sweet chestnut and the other a tulip tree. Both standing at around 30m in height.

The cottage owning the garden they stand in is old, as the trees must be.  It was originally a copyhold property, where peasants were allowed to live and work at the Lord of the Manor of Fingest's discretion but in 1800 Lord Riversdale transformed it into a hunting lodge.  He may well have planted these trees at that time.

The tulip tree is a native of North America and, before European settlement, was very important to the Native Americans, being used to make canoes.  It is unlikely that Lord Riversdale ever used wood from this tree for this purpose though!


These trees are not visible from the road and are in a private garden.  Please call 01844 355 525 quoting ST161 to arrange a visit.


Bolter End

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