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JN1864 - photo by John Tyler

The smooth bark of the Beech tree has proved very popular over the centuries with penknife owners!

Many of the beech trees next to paths in the Chilterns have been carved, some many times over. Artist June Kingsbury has been inspired by the carvings that she has come across and has used many images in her artwork.

John Tyler, of Lacey Green, has also noticed carvings on trees over the years, especially the dates that have been recorded. The oldest date that he has seen is 1864 ... or is it 1861?

What date can you make out?

John has drawn a map to go with the directions below, so you can find the carved tree yourself.

John said:

"I often wonder who JN was and what became of him, or her. They may even have left some descendants in the area."

Another special tree has been carved.

Have you seen any carvings that are interesting? Or which predate 1864? If so, let us know.

Getting There

From the carpark at the top of the cricket ground follow the track by the manor wall. After the footpath on the right hand side take the track on the right. At the dead tree turn right for 70 paces. It is on your left as the wood changes structure.



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