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Penn Street

Coastal Redwood - photo by David WhiteAn excellent example of a Coastal Redwood, Sequoia sempervirens, stands in the front garden of Flint House.

It is approximately 32 metres tall and is consequently quite a feature of the surrounding area. Its girth measures 5.3 metres.

This tree can be seen clearly from the pavement but if you would like a closer look call 01844 355 525 quoting ST041 to arrange a visit.

To find out more about Redwoods go to Redwood World.

Flint House was originally a vicarage, built in 1849 by Benjamin Ferrey (1810-1880), who built the Holy Trinity church opposite at the same time. The churchyard also contains a special tree of sorts...

It is hard to imagine, but in the 1849 Penn Magazine, this declining beech tree was described as a 'remarkable and picturesque tree'.

The Queen’s Beech - photo by Russell Read, project volunteer

The article calls it the “Queen’s Beech” because Her Majesty the Queen Dowager sat in its shade in about 1840.

Queen Adelaide was Queen Victoria's aunt, widow of William IV who died in 1837.  She was visiting Earl Howe, who hosted a production described as 'rustic entertainment for the poor of the district'.

Queen Adelaide

It goes on to explain that The Queen Dowager appears to have commented to her host, Earl Howe, that Penn Street lacked a church and asked why he did not build one right there on that attractive site.

The poor Earl probably had no alternative but to commission the church which now stands nearby.

Do you have a photo of Queen Adelaide's Beech, maybe in your wedding photos? If so, please let us know.

Getting There

Please park safely and considerately then walk pass the vicarage, and take the track to the right leading to the church. The tree is on the right. It is about 5 metres tall, on the edge of the small clump of trees, almost hidden by holly.


Penn Street

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