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Scott's Farm Oaks

Small giant oak - photo by David Watson, proejct volunteerTwo grand oak trees are found at Scott’s Farm.  The smaller of the two is approaching 200 years old and is probably the offspring of its companion, a much older and larger oak.

Thirty years ago a tree house was constructed in this tree.  Since then it has disintegrated, and the children who played in it grown up, but the oak lives on unaffected.

The ancient oak - photo by David Watson, project volunteer

The larger tree has a massive girth of nearly 10 metres, indicating that it probably dates back to the establishment of the farmhouse in the grounds of which it stands, nearly 400 years ago.

Despite its impressive girth this tree only stands about 10 metres tall as it has been pollarded many times throughout its lifetime.  This form of management may have supplied firewood for the farmhouse.

Photo by David Watson, project volunteer

The heartwood has rotted to create a huge hollow trunk.

Getting There

Please admire these massive oaks from the lane.


These oaks are in a private garden.



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