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Frithsden Beeches

Frithsden BeechesAs well as being a spectacular sight, ‘The Beeches’ is an important area for nature conservation. This particular habitat has evolved due to pollarding, a form of woodland management where the branches were regularly cut from the trees to use as firewood. Branches would be cut from the trunk to around a metre or so off the ground and this would then allow new branches to grow unchecked by browsing animals such as deer, before the process was repeated.

The beech trees have not been pollarded for more than 100 years but are now managed purely for conservation and safety.

Frithsden Beeches - photograph by John MorrisThese large, unusual shaped trees create a popular set for television and film. Parts of Harry Potter films, Sleepy Hollow and Jonathan Creek have all been filmed at Frithsden Beeches.

These wonderful trees were highlighted in an article in The Guardian about the importance of management in the preservation of England's collection of ancient, veteran trees which is internationally important.

There are many rights of way you can use to get to Frithsden Beeches.

These woods inspired the following artworks entered into the 2008 Special Woods Art Competition:

'Hornbeam in the boundary hedge' by Diane Galloway'Beech trees in the boundary hedge' by Diane Galloway


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