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Peppard Common

This common will be familiar to those who use the Nettlebed to Reading road. The open spaces of the common are found close to the main road with the more wooded areas to the west. A shallow valley across the middle of the common gives some variety and there are several pleasant houses backing on to the area. Peppard Common covers 22.7 hectares and is one of the six commons managed by the Nettlebed and District Commons Conservators.


The woods and open, grassy spaces on Peppard Common make it great for walking and other quiet recreation. There are good links to Kingwood Common and the rights of way network for those who like to venture further. There is also a cricket pitch on the common.


The two areas of heather and dwarf gorse are some of the last fragments of lowland heath in Oxfordshire and there is a wide range of grassland types. The woodland contains blackthorn thickets which are covered in sloes in autumn. Skipper, fritillary and hairstreak butterflies can all be found on the common and look out for lizards basking in the sun.


The common lies in Rotherfield Peppard parish - 'Rotherfield' originated from the Anglo-Saxon for 'open land for cattle'. This reflects its ages old use for grazing until recent times. The older trees show the evidence of old coppicing and pollarding to produce a supply of small timber. All of the Nettlebed Commons benefitted from their own Act of Parliament in 1906 which clearly defined them and gave them legal protection.

Disabled Access

The open areas of grass and some quiet access roads offer good access for all visitors although care is needed when there is traffic about. Easy parking and close proximity to a main road make this an easy common to find and there are nearby pubs for refreshment.

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