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Short walks (up to 3 miles)

Wilfred Owen Walking Trail

Wilfred Owen Walking Trail from Dunsden Green

WILFRED OWEN (1893–1918) is rightly celebrated as perhaps the greatest poet of the First World War. He is remembered for taking as his subject: ‘War,and the pity of War. The Poetry is in the pity.’ But much as he loathed war and demonstrated aprofound compassion for the suffering it caused.

Wilfred Owen lived in Dunsden Green from 1911 - 1913, he chose Dunsden because his Aunt lived nearby at Kidmore. The trail takes you through the peaceful Oxfordshire village of Dunsden near Reading, and  was produced by the Dunsden Owen Association. The trail is available as an interactive Smartphone app, designed by students of the University of Reading. It is researched and written by Jennifer Leach of Outrider Anthems and narrated by Eryl Price-Davies and Jack Purkis. For those of you who prefer good old-fashioned methods of trailing, there is a paper copy available.

The trail app is available for iPhone and Android. Please download before you arrive in Dunsden.


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