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Moon Tree

Moon Tree - photo by Paul McMahon

This Moon Tree is a second generation Moon Tree grown from the seed of a tree that went to the Moon as a seed with Stuart Roosa. The tree is a plane (though the Americans call them sycamores) and the parent tree was severely damaged by Hurricane Ike in late 2008.

In early February 1971 whilst Alan Sheppard and Edgar Mitchell were walking on the Moon, astronaut Stuart Roosa stayed in the command module orbiting the Moon.

Stuart had about 500 seeds from native American trees with him in his personal kit which was part of a joint NASA/US Forest Service project. Upon return to Earth, the seeds were germinated by the Forest Service. Known as the "Moon Trees", the resulting seedlings were planted throughout the United States (often as part of the nation's bicentennial in 1976) and the world. They stand as a tribute to astronaut Roosa and the Apollo space programme.

Paul, the proud owner of this Moon Tree, also planted a Moon Tree in Flamstead JMI school grounds, but sadly that tree died. He plans to plant another in the school grounds for future generations of children to care for.

There is further information about Moon Trees on the BBC website and the NASA website.

Getting There

Paul McMahon, who owns this special tree, welcomes visitors. If you would like to visit this special tree please phone Paul on 07970 638908.


In a private garden in Flamstead

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