Heart of Nature, an exhibition for COP26

01 Nov 2021 to 14 Nov 2021:

‘Heart of Nature’ will be open from the 1st to the 14th Nov over two sites, at Ayres House Studios Gallery and Garden, off Station Road, and at St Peters Church, Thames Street, both in Wallingford.

Locations: 1st - 14th November

St Peters Church, Thame Street, Wallingford, OX10 0BH *Closed 3rd-4th & 8th-10th Nov

Ayres House Studios, Ayres Yard, Station Rd, Wallingford, OX10 0J *Closed Weds 3rd &10th 

There will be drawings from the outcomes of a drawing workshop with local artist Karen Goodwardine that took place during The Great Big Green Week. 

In addition there will be selected works from studio artists, Jack Cowley and the hugely successful ‘Green Art Trail’; which was a collaboration between Watlington Artists and various local environmental groups, to raise awareness of local habitats and biodiversity.

At their second site of St Peters Church will be a clay community art installation, 'Please Handle with Care' facilitated by Adumbration Arts involving participants from age 3 - 93, each given a piece of clay the size of their fist and asked to represent a life form - plant or animal - that's endangered or extinct. It's anticipated there will be around 900 clay figures. 

Alongside this there will be drawings by Karen Goodwardene from 1st to 2nd Nov and the installation of glowing ‘Exo Earth’ photographs by Wallingford based artists John Hailstone, from the 5th-14th.

John is based in Wallingford and specialises in fine art, commissioned and event photography with a particular focus on nature and live music. Exo Earth is an exhibition of glowing photographic canvases that explore speculative worlds that orbit stars other than our Sun, in particular those that lie within a star’s habitable zone where life may exist. This exhibition is an extension of a previous work, inspired by the over 4000 exo planets that astronomers have now discovered. 

Original photographs of the Earth and its lifeforms have been altered in form and colour to embody new earths beyond our own. Discover the worlds of Aether, Gaia, Thalassa, Chronos, Ananke, Eros, Tartarus, Erebus, Nyx & Hypnos and the new worlds of Prometheus, Ourea, Nesoi, Chaos & Nemesis. The exhibitions will be enhanced with ambient music by British music composer and ambient musician Simon Wilkinson.

A percentage of the exhibition sales will go to support St.Peter’s Church and the Churches Conservation Trust. 

For further details about ‘Heart of Nature’ go to www.ayreshousestudios.co.uk and for ‘exo earth’ go to www.granizo.uk

Booking essential?:
Contact name:
Emma Souter
Dogs allowed?:
St Peters Church, Thame Street, Wallingford, OX10 0BH *Closed 3rd-4th& 8th-10th Ayres House Studios, Ayres Yard,Z *Closed Weds 3rd &10th Station Rd, Wallingford, OX10 0J
Organised by:
Ayres House Artists Studios www.ayreshousestudios.co.uk
01865 819869
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