David Bartholomew

Nominated by: Oxfordshire County Council

I have been an Oxfordshire County Councillor since 2013 and most of the nine parishes I represent fall within the Chilterns Conservation Board area. I have always seen myself as a champion of these communities and make no apologies for saying, that for me, political allegiances come second at a local level. I have always spoken out against those of an urban mindset who promote growth at all costs and do not understand our rural and village way of life.

For four years between 2017 and 2021 I served as Cabinet Member for Finance. Now that my party is in Opposition, I have more time to devote to matters that I am passionate about away from the purely political; rural conservation is high on that list.

Prior to entering local politics, I spent 25 years running a successful communications company. One of our long-standing clients was Defra, which gave me extensive insight into rural affairs.

In my leisure time, I am a keen cyclist and have spent many, many hours cycling throughout the Chilterns and beyond.

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Chilterns ANOB
Chilterns ANOB

Chilterns AONB Management Plan

The Chilterns AONB Management Plan 2019-24: Caring for the Chilterns forever and for everyone contains a comprehensive summary of the key issues facing the AONB and the management policies and actions needed to conserve this special place.

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