Tender Opportunity

Wednesday 2 May 2018

Tender Opportunity

Beacons of the Past will engage and inspire a large, diverse range of people to discover, conserve, and enjoy the Chilterns' Iron Age hillforts and their prehistoric chalk landscapes.

The project’s central aims are: 

·Beacon 1: Discovery
To add to our knowledge and understanding of hillforts and prehistoric landscapes in the Chilterns, so they can be better understood, cared for and appreciated.

·Beacon 2: Learning
To create new opportunities for people to investigate, celebrate and appreciate the hillforts and prehistoric landscapes of the Chilterns.

·Beacon 3: Protection
Safeguarding the historical and ecological value of known and newly discovered hillforts and other prehistoric features in the Chilterns.

The brief can be downloaded here. For all queries, expressions of interest, and requests for supplemental information, please contact Dr Wendy Morrison, Project Manager wmorrison@chilternaonb.org   01844 355525

Deadline:      Monday 21 May 2018


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