Grants of up to £50K for forestry work and traditional skills

Monday 6 June 2011

Grants of up to £50K for forestry work and traditional skills

The Chilterns LEADER grants programme offers out grants of up to £50,000 to rural businesses operating in the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is particularly interested in supporting forestry businesses and those based on traditional skills like thatching, hurdle-making, flint knapping and so on.

The Forestry Commission is about to launch its new Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grant aimed at bringing more Chiltern woodlands into productive management. It is likely that this will increase demand for forestry contractors’ services – especially for thinning, clear fell, access road and loading area construction, wood fuel processing (logs and chip), and haulage.

The Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive promises to increase demand for domestic and commercial scale woodchip and logs.

Are these opportunities for your forestry business? Do you need capital investment to take full advantage? If yes you may be eligible for a LEADER grant.

The LEADER programme is also offering capital and training grants of up to £50,000 to businesses in the Chilterns working with traditional skills and materials, including: thatchers, hedge-layers, building  restorers, timber framers, farriers, hurdle making, gate making, stone masonry and flint knapping.

If you would like to find out more about these funding opportunities contact:

The LEADER programme is funded by the UK Government and the EU. More at www.leaderprogramme.org.uk


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