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Planning & Development

The Chilterns Conservation Board has a duty to advise on all planning matters, and comments on all aspects of the development process. The Board’s focus is on ensuring that the special qualities of the AONB are recognised and protected in all development plans.

The Board prepares its own building design guidance and technical notes, which local planning authorities are invited to adopt as Supplementary Planning Documents. The Board does not prepare statutory planning documents and does not determine planning applications.

The Chilterns AONB covers parts of three counties, two unitary authority areas and eight districts and boroughs. Each of these Councils currently prepares Development Plans. The Board will comment on all relevant documents where there is potential for impact on the AONB.

At a more local level, individual planning applications are also commented on. These vary enormously in scale, type and location, but have a common thread – if approved there would be an impact on the AONB (either positive or negative). Planning applications are examined from all angles and those with the potential for positive impacts will be supported. However, the vast majority of responses that are reported to the Planning Committee represent formal objections.

The applications that result in formal responses neither fit into a single category, nor are they all the same size. However, there are certain types of application that do seem to occur more frequently than others which often result in comments being submitted. These are:

  • mobile telecommunications developments
  • applications that involve lighting (especially floodlights)
  • development involving horses
  • very large houses

More information

If we haven’t covered the issue that interests you, or having visited the pages you feel you need further information on an AONB planning matter please contact the Chilterns AONB Planning Officer, on 01844 355500 or office@chilternsaonb.org.

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