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Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill forms the backdrop to Ellesborough village, lying directly south of the village and rising steeply above it.

To local artist, Jennie Wood, the wood has an inspiring visual aura which is mysterious and mythical. Beacon Hill inspired the following artworks which Jennie entered into our 2008 Special Woods Art Competition:

'What Lies Beneath' by Jennie Wood

'From Afar' by Jennie Wood

The wood on Beacon Hill is one of a number of 'Special Woods' in the area and there is a good network of footpaths, including the Ridgeway, to make an interesting walk on which you can also visit Low Scrubs and Coombe Hill (both owned by the National Trust).

Getting There

If you would like to visit Beacon Hill, follow the footpath which starts near the church in Ellesborough.

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