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Record Rowan

Record Rowan - photograph by John Morris

This rowan is quite a spectacle. It stands at 28 metres tall, with a girth of 1.75m, making it the tallest of its species in the country.   It was discovered in 1996 by John Morris, head of the Chiltern Woodlands Project.  He said:

"It was quite a surprise.  At first I thought it must be a beech, it was so huge.  I never knew rowans could get this big."

Generally, rowan trees only grow to a maximum of 20m, and most do not exceed 15m.  How this tree came to be so huge is therefore something of a mystery.

Whilst it is the tallest rowan tree on record in the UK, it is not the fattest, its 1.75m girth being dwarfed by a rowan tree in Hampshire, which measures in at 4.90m.

There are other noteworthy trees in these woodlands; the area also boasts a striking pine, the only survivor of a group of four, a large oak, and an oak and a beech, fused at the roots.

For more record breakers of all species, why not have a look at the Tree Register of the British Isles' website?


This tree stands in private land



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