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The Hangings

Part of this woodland has developed from a wood-pasture habitat which is an ancient land use system involving both grazing animals and trees.

For many years, some of the trees were managed as both pollards or coppice stools in order to provide a sustainable supply of small timber, and fodder for a variety of uses.

Efforts are being made to conserve this rare ancient habitat by reintroducing coppicing and pollarding on some trees that have previously been managed this way.

Photo by Vicki Billings, project volunteerProject volunteer, Vicki, has mapped 105 trees in the woodland to help the landowner conserve and manage this site for decades to come. 

Photographs were taken of each tree to aid in identification.  Management has recently been reintroduced to this ancient pollard which continues to thrive and has plenty of new growth.

Project volunteer Vicki surveying the woodland

The site is also special as it contains a number of bundle plantings which can be seen along the Ridgeway.  At first glance these trees look like multi-stemmed single trees, or coppiced stools.  However, they were planted as saplings; a number of them in the same hole.

It is thought that this was to create large broad crowns to produce good crops of Beech seeds for feeding pigs.

Getting There

This private woodland is rich in wildlife and is best viewed from the footpaths.



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